Monthly Archives: January 2014

Tackling the issue of fuel poverty at Corby

The winter time can be very challenging and tough for everyone. Therefore it is essential to provide support to those who are most vulnerable and give them an opportunity to find out about all available services that are accessible to support them getting through this season comfortably. Electric Corby had…

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Being ambitious and waving the flag for carbon reduction!

I was extremely pleased to hear the news today that Brussels are to back the 40% emissions reduction target. Thus sending a clear signal that Europe are setting binding energy efficiency and green house gas targets past the current target of 20% by 2020. This week members of the European…

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An adaptable business is a resilient business

This past month I’ve been house sitting for friends who have gone back home to Australia for an extended holiday over the Christmas period. The house nestles on the edge of a hill overlooking the currently flooded fields of the Welland Valley. At times, it has felt as if the…

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