An adaptable business is a resilient business

This past month I’ve been house sitting for friends who have gone back home to Australia for an extended holiday over the Christmas period. The house nestles on the edge of a hill overlooking the currently flooded fields of the Welland Valley. At times, it has felt as if the Atlantic winds would lift the house away, including the garden furniture, the patio heater and the dog!

Climate change and extreme weather events are not issues for the future, they are with us now and we can learn to adapt or start paying the price as they begin to impact on our businesses and homes. Whether you are a climate-change sceptic or just not convinced of the need to mitigate the affects of climate change (like some of my friends Australian politicians) there is no doubting the vast majority of the scientific community believe that climate change is happening. And that climate change is sadly caused by human activity.

So what businesses can become adaptable or build resilience to these extreme weather events? It will be a stiff challenge for the patio heater manufacturers of this world but even they might adapt if they start thinking and acting now.

For more information on a free ‘Building Business Resilience’ event at Electric Corby on the 28th January – organised by Climate East Midlands, the Environment Agency and Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership visit


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