A Month’s Work Experience at Electric Corby (Part 2)

George is an undergraduate student who spent a month interning at Electric Corby. You can read his thoughts on his experience in the previous blog post. Nick, the Co-Founder of Electric Corby, wrote this response.

Making coffee and doing the photocopying for days on end as a work experience are the stuff of student nightmares and thankfully, a bit of an urban myth. Having George with us for 4 weeks was as good for us as I hope it was for him.

As George’s blog suggests, Electric Corby is not your traditional corporate work environment or at least not the one I grew up in. Thankfully the less formal but no less focused atmosphere works for us and our project partners. I think it’s becoming more typical in a world where we, the UK, has to make its way off the back of its innovation, agility and creativity to foster more productive workplaces.

George really got stuck in, challenged us with a newcomer’s perspective and delivered some useful work for us. Yes, he did make the occasional (very strong) coffee but I think we spared him the photocopying.


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