A Month’s Work Experience at Electric Corby

George is an undergraduate from St Andrews University who spent four weeks as an intern at Electric Corby in order to gain experience in sustainable development. Below you’ll find his summary of his experience here and what he enjoyed about working at Electric Corby.

After the excitement, fun and at times stress of my first year at university, there comes a three and a half month survival period. The summer is so obscenely long that not making the most of it is pure silliness, and to me this doesn’t just mean getting a job, it means gaining valuable experience with a professional in the field as well.

Having chosen to study Geography and Sustainable Development, the ethos and goals of Electric Corby instantly appealed to me. It was extremely kind of Nick to offer me the opportunity to work with him and it’s fair to say that I have learnt a huge amount. The intricacies of the smart grid, energy efficiency within the home and the functioning of a giant solar-powered battery I found to be particularly interesting.

Standout experiences included working with the local sustainability officer to build a cycle powered cinema and getting involved in some of the company’s projects, such as CloudOpting and District of the Future. Members of the team were all extremely friendly and resembled an extended family rather than a group of colleagues; it seemed like an informal but high-achieving atmosphere at the same time.

I was also very impressed with the Ping-Pong table in the middle of the office and found that having a quick game really helped to improve concentration and defeat fatigue.
All in all some very worthwhile and enjoyable work experience.


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