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Cloud computing has been gaining momentum with city councils and local authorities as an opportunity to realise cost savings tied to onsite ICT infrastructure, and to achieve a fast deployment of new digital services and solutions.

The CloudOpting project runs from 2014 through to 2017 and aims to deliver significant progress in delivering a shared platform where public entities can migrate existing IT applications and services to the Cloud in order to:

  1. Provide public administrations with necessary cloud resources to control ICT-related costs
  2. Deliver online public services to citizens and third-parties
  3. Allow citizens to develop innovative new services
  4. Support the delivery of public administration services
  5. Accelerate service delivery enabling public administration to build cloud services from a bottom-up approach
  6. Provide consumer-orientated front-end interfaces and tools

Electric Corby is proud to be a demonstration location, working alongside other European cities, such as Barcelona, Bucharest and Turin to complete the innovative ‘Cloud Opting’ project. This project aims to increase digital integration between all EU public authorities, whilst reducing ICT infrastructure and maintenance costs. Electric Corby has secured £500,000 to deliver three pilot services:

1.       Energy consumption and generation dashboard – Enables users to monitor, track and analyse energy consumption data. The dashboard will allow for the analysis of district level energy consumption and generation to provide both a top down and granular level of data. The dashboard will also enable users to track and receive up-to-date weather data in Corby.

2.       Northamptonshire bus portal – Using Travelines API interface Electric Corby will be able to monitor real-time bus operations to help assist passengers with planning schedules and reduce waiting times. Available to test here at Catch-A-Bus

3.       Business Portal – This will facilitate the exchange of information and communication between local businesses, enabling them to network, grow and gain access to business support programmes.

4. CKAN Portal – CKAN run a number of open data registries around the world, including the Government open data website It allows for greater openness and transparency of public data, making it easier to find, share and reuse open content and data.

CloudOpting is hosting a CKAN portal for Corby, which contains datasets from across Corby and Northamptonshire, bringing local data together in an easy to use format.

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