Northamptonshire Bus Portal

Catch A Bus

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The Northamptonshire Bus Portal ‘Catch A Bus’ is an online website designed to enable Northamptonshire residents to plan their bus journey with greater ease. The website allows users to find their nearest bus stop and the bus they need to take for where they wish to travel. It will also give users the time of their next bus, and where possible will use real-time data.

Catch a Bus has been created as part of the CloudOpting project that Electric Corby is a partner in, with the aim of increasing public transport use within Northamptonshire and expanding the information available for such services. Through CloudOpting, this website will be available to reuse and redistribute by public authorities across the EU. Currently, the Northamptonshire Bus Portal is in its experimental stage, and will be used to test the CloudOpting platform.

You can access to the Catch A Bus website at or

Catch a Bus has been made possible through the use of data from Traveline.


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