About Us

Our world is in transition to a new energy efficient, low carbon economy.

Such a transition will change the way we live and work. We will see it in the cars we drive, the homes we live in, the places we work, the skills we need and the jobs we do.

This clean and green revolution has already started in the UK and across the world, as governments and businesses around the globe increase the investments needed to meet demand for energy and tackle climate change, creating a growing demand for the technologies, goods, services and spaces that will allow us to meet our economic and climate change goals.

While Electric Corby began as a project to develop Corby’s EV charge point infrastructure in 2011, the much wider opportunity to support Corby’s growth was recognised by partners.

With the support of Corby Borough Council and the private sector we became a Community Interest Company in 2012 and since then we’re proud to have been making our contribution to accelerating the transition to a more sustainable world.

Our Vision is to

Establish Corby as the UK’s leading community scale demonstrator location for future low carbon living, working and transportation

The CIC’s Mission is to

Support economic growth, develop job opportunities and build a better place ensuring the Corby community benefits from our efforts

Our approach is to

Develop and promote projects that actively enhance Corby and support its clean growth objectives, and to secure funding from private and public sources to deliver these projects

Across this website you can see information about the projects we’re already delivering as well as some of the Switched on Thinking that is leading to new projects and partnerships.

If you have an idea, a product or an innovation and your looking for somewhere to demonstrate its potential, Corby is an ideal location and Electric Corby is keen to hear from you. Our approach is partnership based.