Tackling the issue of fuel poverty at Corby

The winter time can be very challenging and tough for everyone. Therefore it is essential to provide support to those who are most vulnerable and give them an opportunity to find out about all available services that are accessible to support them getting through this season comfortably.

Electric Corby had been invited to The Winter Wellbeing Event that aimed to provide families with a market place experience with stands from the voluntary sector, Council and health service providers. The event, organised by the NHS Corby Clinical Comissioning Group, held at the Corby Cube on the 14th January, was open to the general public but was aimed at the over 65’s. The offer available ranged from free flu vaccines from the NHS, to lifestyle reviews from the Council’s Health and Fitness Team. Plus representations from the Corby Voluntary and Community Service, Community Law, the Stroke Association, Corby Urgent Care Centre and many more.

The event also focused on energy saving and that is where we got to shine. Our aim was to raise the awareness of Electric Corby Community Energy switching offer and the Energy Savers Network coordinated by the Corby Voluntary and Community Service. We also to provided information on different schemes that are available in Northamptonshire such as Community Law who can advise residents on how to maximise household income, plus The Green Deal ECO scheme which can help improve home heating systems and home insulation.

With our friendly approach, clear set-up and bags of freebies we quickly became the most popular stand at the event! In our free energy saving packs we were giving away stand-by TV energy saving kits, heat reflecting mats (to be placed behind the radiator), letterbox draft excluders. These items encouraged great interest amongst the people attending, which gave us the chance to introduce ourselves and explain what we do. All the freebies were gone in no time. However, that did not stop the visitors from stopping by our stand and showing their curiosity. The audience turned out to be very friendly, chatty and curious, therefore allowing us to achieve our goal of raising awareness and grabbing attention!


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