What’s the business case for Electric Vehicles?

What’s the business case for Electric Vehicles?
Event on the Thursday, 13 September, 2012

As part of Electric Corby’s work to attract investment and grow the clean technologies sector in Corby, the company set up by the private sector and Corby Borough Council has secured 100% funding for businesses that want to install the latest electric vehicle charging points for their customers, staff and vehicle fleets.

To help businesses understand the benefits and access support for installing the latest clean and green technologies Electric Corby is hosting an event at the Rockingham Forest Hotel on 19th September.

Nick Bolton, Project Manager at Electric Corby said: “With manufacturers launching a new electric or hybrid vehicle almost every week at the moment, this is an opportunity for Corby companies to find out what the business case is. We’re also looking for the best 25 locations in Corby to install our 100% funded charging points and invest in Corby’s clean technology infrastructure.”

Businesses will be able to hear and see more about how clean and green technologies can help their business and their customers and find out more about the 100% funding available for charging points at up to 25 businesses across Corby.

The event will include:

  • Demonstrating the business case for Electric Vehicles
  • Cost comparison of diesel vs. EV vehicles
  • Live demo of chargers and Electric Vehicles – Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi iMiEV available
  • 100% Funding available for Charging Points

Addressing how to successfully integrate into an existing fleet and encourage usage

Case Studies – on the experience of rolling out EV across multiple sites – highlighting utilisation strategies and communication programs to encourage usage

Installation of charger packages- Explanation of what is required/involved for each installation

Come along to the Business Breakfast Networking event starting at 7.30am or drop in throughout the day (from 9.00am onwards) to hear and see how electric vehicles and charging points can work in and support your business.

For more details, contact Nick Bolton at Electric Corby on 01536 560222


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