The Smart Energy revolution gathering pace in Corby

A “smart energy” revolution could help ensure that the UK does not suffer blackouts, …so said the National Grid’s new UK chief on the BBC News.

That revolution has been gathering momentum in Corby for some time, starting in 2012 when Electric Corby was born, evolving through our “District of the Future” and CloudOpting projects and now our expanded Community Energy initiative is set to deliver the benefits of “smart energy” to the whole of Corby.

Nick Bolton, from Electric Corby saidWith the closure of coal fired power stations, continued uncertainty over long term replacements like Hinkley Point Nuclear and the need for national grid upgrades to accommodate intermittent renewable energy, the UK faces a challenging energy future, not to mention rising costs for people and businesses.

At the same time there is a hugely positive opportunity for growing places like Corby to innovate and tackle these issues for the benefit our community

Corby Community Energy is a major new energy initiative with 2 main objectives

  • Reduce the cost of energy for businesses and residents
    • the price and then the amount you need to consume over time
  • Benefit the whole community for the long term
    • Local sustainable energy used locally
    • Ultimately, a Local Tariff that attracts business and supports the vulnerable

The creation of a Connected Community allows us to collect and use the data produced by the Community on their electricity usage, and effectively creates an “Internet of Energy”. That way people and businesses have sight of and control of when then use the energy they need, and we can help them reduce both the amount and the cost of what they consume.

The clever bit is that once people and businesses join Community Energy, the local team and the innovative technology used will take the strain.

Electric Corby are partnering with innovative power project developer Resero Power ( to design deliver and manage the community wide connected network.

The first, founding members of Corby Community Energy are joining now with a full public launch planned for (this October) when the YourCommunity.Energy website will go live.

In the meantime, if residents or businesses in Corby would like more information you can contact

Nick Bolton: or 01536 560222

James Napier: or 0203 179 21 00


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