Climate Change and the 2015 General Election

Whilst members of the Westminster establishment continue with their political sparing in one of the closest run elections in recent history, there has been one key policy area that has dropped off the radar. Climate Change (and subsequently low carbon energy) appears to have lost its omnipresence ¬†with the political…

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Being ambitious and waving the flag for carbon reduction!

I was extremely pleased to hear the news today that Brussels are to back the 40% emissions reduction target. Thus sending a clear signal that Europe are setting binding energy efficiency and green house gas targets past the current target of 20% by 2020. This week members of the European…

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Have a very Green Christmas

This time of year we can get massively caught up in all the consumerism of what Christmas can bring. I can tell you the embodied carbon of what I have bought my children this year is a little shameful and not necessarily leading the way in sustainability. Note to self;…

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