Have a very Green Christmas

This time of year we can get massively caught up in all the consumerism of what Christmas can bring. I can tell you the embodied carbon of what I have bought my children this year is a little shameful and not necessarily leading the way in sustainability. Note to self; must make them watch less CITV.

I’ve been a very dreamy mood this week after watching the latest series of Grand Designs, so at the top of my festive gift list would have to be 1. Get planning permission for my dream eco home and 2. Decide on what renewable technology we would incorporate into said home to make it as cheap to run as possible.

Taking the learning of Electric Corby’s ZEB homes and with the thought of the ’gift that keeps giving’ of harnessing free solar energy on my imaginary home, I’m happy to report that we have been busy working with colleagues in social housing to make this reality for some of Corby’s most vulnerable tenants.

So back to reality!
1. Take the hassle out building your own dream ZEB home…buy one instead! – Electric Corby Zero Energy Bill Homes at Priors Hall

2. Don’t fancy moving just yet…. get yourself the best Christmas present such as Ikea Solar Panels


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