CHESS-SETUP Project Kicks Off in Barcelona

Last week, Electric Corby went to Barcelona to meet our consortium partners in the CHESS-SETUP project for the first time to kick-off the beginning of a successful project.

CHESS-SETUP, or ‘Combined HEat Supply SyStem by Using Solar Energy and HeaT PUmPs’ is a European Horizon 2020 project for the “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” programme.

This project will pilot an innovative renewable energy system that will generate and store heat throughout the year for its use during colder periods. The system will be demonstrated in three pilot locations; including Corby, Manlleu (Spain) and Sant Cugat (Spain).

The Corby pilot will feature an advanced energy system, the ‘Zero Carbon Solution’, that will generate energy from the sun using PV-T panels (a hybrid photovoltaic and solar thermal panel), and store this energy in a unique Earth Energy Bank, meaning that the ground underneath the home is utilised in order to store heat. This heat is then transferred to the home via heat pumps when it is required. The home is therefore heated using renewable, sustainable heat.

The project brings together partners from across Europe, and Electric Corby will be working alongside partners from Spain, Netherlands, France, Germany, and Northern Ireland.

It is an exciting project for Electric Corby to be a part of, once again bringing Corby to the forefront of technological development, and meeting Electric Corby’s goal of establishing Corby as future-focused sustainable place to live and work.

Furthermore, this project is bringing £800,000 into the Corby economy, most of which will be used to develop the renewable heating system at a development in Priors Hall Park, putting Corby on the map for developing Ecohomes that are sustainable, efficient, and most importantly, affordable.



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