Changes to recharging infrastructure access

Accessing Corby’s recharging infrastructure for users and hosts

We have been working hard to ensure that users receive the best customer service available. This has meant that the Siemens posts, currently accessed with Plugged In Midlands cards, have been transferred over to a new card access system, called Charge Your Car. The 5 podpoint posts which are located at the Cube, Railway Station and Corby Enterprise Station will remain on the Plugged in Midlands access card system.

Information for electric car users

Congratulations you are part of the EV club now and living in or near to Corby means you have access to the highest number of public and business located charge points per capita in the UK. If you already have a Plugged in Midlands card (the white and purple card), this will still work across the network but no longer on the new Siemens post which we have in Corby. To access these posts you will need a new Charge Your Car access card. To register for a card for a small fee please log on to their website at

If you would like any further information or advice then please contact us on 01536 560222 or email 


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