Switched on Thinking

Welcome to the part of our site where we let thoughts flow freely. Our hope is to inspire new ways of thinking, and new ways of working, to help achieve our objective of a town that will shape its own future – and, possibly, that of the nation too.

At Electric Corby our aim is draw together the brightest ideas, the best people and the smartest funding. That way, we can deliver on our aim of making Corby a better place to be: a community that’s a great place to work and live.

Radical new thinking around harnessing clean energy is one key aspect of this – but it’s just one part of a bigger jigsaw.

Through Switched on Thinking we will drive Corby forward, promoting the latest ideas and opportunities that can help our businesses and our residents make the most of the clean and green revolution that’s changing our economy for the better.

A Month’s Work Experience at Electric Corby (Part 2)

George is an undergraduate student who spent a month interning at Electric Corby. You can read his thoughts on his experience in the previous blog post. Nick, the Co-Founder of Electric Corby, wrote this response. Making coffee and doing the photocopying for days on end as a work experience are…

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A Month’s Work Experience at Electric Corby

George is an undergraduate from St Andrews University who spent four weeks as an intern at Electric Corby in order to gain experience in sustainable development. Below you’ll find his summary of his experience here and what he enjoyed about working at Electric Corby. After the excitement, fun and at times stress of my…

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Driving Licence to Kill

We’re living through exciting times where we can see the development and uptake of autonomous cars, something which generations before could only imagine in sci-fi films. These futuristic vehicles promise an array of benefits, from greater freedom and independence for those who cannot normally drive, to easing the monotonous commute…

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