Monthly Archives: August 2013

BMW i3 Electric Car Launched

Could this, the new BMW i3 electric car be the one to break through the cacophony of Clarkson-esque nay-sayers and bring EV’s a mile or two closer to the mainstream? Certainly BMW have placed a €2 billion bet in the hope that it will, and that it will place BMW…

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My weekend with Community Energy and the Smiling Dome

Blog by Cllr Anthony Dady “It was a privilege to help out at the giant Electric Corby inflatable dome at the Corby Carnival and Corby Highland Gathering and spend time with Joe Dickinson, Sara Earl and Hazel Lowfield chatting to Corby folk about the benefits of Community Energy. There was…

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Dirty electricity. Is it holding back electric car sales?

It is clear that one of the major drivers to buy an electric car is that it is green and owners are doing their bit to save the planet. However, have we thought about what powers our green electric cars, where does the electricity come from? New research from Canada…

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