Clean Tech Hub

Putting Corby right at the heart of the UK’s rapidly growing sustainable technology sector won’t happen overnight. But it will happen, and the first building blocks are now going into place.

We’re creating a ‘Clean Tech Hub’ that will provide a physical – and virtual – focal point for all our future activities: a place for businesses, researchers organisations and influencers to meet, collaborate, discover and network.

At our offices we’re fitting out a 100 sq m event room where – flanked by digital display and models telling the fast-evolving story of Electric Corby – we’ll be holding open days, technical presentations, networking events and demonstrations.

We’re creating a virtual space too, right here in the ether, where we’ll be bringing like-minded people together to further the cause of high performance, green energy, share knowledge and ideas, promote their own activities and foster partnership working. Watch this space for further developments.

The purpose? It’s all part of our switched on thinking… to promote and sustain the clean tech buzz that’s going to drive everything we do here at Electric Corby… and to turn that buzz into business.


Click here and have a look at our upcoming CleanTech Hub events.

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